The Judy Bolton books, written by Margaret Sutton (1903-2001), were a popular girls mystery series. The first 4 volumes were published in 1932 by Grosset and Dunlap. The series continued until 1967 and consisted of 38 volumes. Each book was "based on something that actually happened" and many were also based on real life sites. More than 4 million copies were sold, and the books are still popular among collectors such as the Phantom Friends. Fortunately, the entire Judy Bolton mystery series has been republished by Applewood Books. The 39th book in the series, "The Strange Likeness," which Margaret Sutton started but never finished, was written by Kate Duvall and Beverly Hatfield and published in 2012. It brings the series to a happy ending. In 2018 a wonderful new Judy Bolton set mid-series, The Mystery on Judy Lane written by Beverly Hatfield was published with the permission of Margaret Sutton's family!


Annual 2021 Judy Bolton Weekend Update!

Congratulations to Rachelle Lerner, first place winner in the Spirit of Fog Island Trivia Contest, which is always a highlight of the Judy Bolton Weekend.  Rachelle is from Mansfield, Pennsylvania, and she will conduct the trivia contest next year on The Black Cat's Clue.  The second place winner was Lisa Freeman from Iron Mountain, Michigan.  ZoeAnn from Canada, won third prize.  Just for fun, you  can try to answer the questions in the 2021 trivia contest!  Just send an email marked Judy Bolton trivia to You will receive the Spirit of Fog Island quiz as a word document by email. Thank you to Katelyn Mascato for composing the 2021 quiz!

Margaret Sutton Writing Contest Winner

Lee Calman wins Margaret Sutton Writing Contest
Lee Calman, a seventh grade student from Westfield, Pennsylvania who attends Northern Potter Middle-High School, is the first place winner of the 2021 Margaret Sutton Writing contest.  He read his essay, “Runaways,” during the Judy Bolton Weekend activities on Zoom on Saturday, October 9. 
Read the Press Release
Read the Winning Essay (PDF)

Letters To Live By Now Available

Letters To Live By Book Cover
LETTERS TO LIVE BY, a children's book by Margaret Sutton and her daughters Marjorie Eckstein and Lindsay Stroh, has just been published! Visit for information on how to order this delightful book. A link to a free Discussion and Activity Guide is included.

The Talking Snowman, Second Edition Available Now

Cover of the Strange Likeness Prolific author Linda Joy Singleton is the author of over 50 middle-grade, YA and picture books! A lifelong lover of childrens series books, a fan letter she wrote at age 14 led to a life-long friendship with author, Margaret Sutton. This friendship eventually resulted in The Talking Snowman which was co-written by Margaret Sutton and Linda Joy Singleton. The book fits between books #3 and #4 in the Judy Bolton series and is numbered #3 1/2. The first print run sold out and had a solid blue cover with outline of a snowman. This second edition has cover art by Judy Bolton fan Lisa Kucharski. It’s a paperback and includes a map drawn by Margaret Sutton, a foreword by Linda Joy Singleton, and a bonus short story. 

To order The Talking Snowman, send a check or US cash for $12 (includes US postage only) to:
Linda Singleton 
P.O. Box 155
Burson, CA 95225

If you want it autographed by LJS include a note with details. 

If you have any questions email: You can read more about Linda Joy Singleton on her website.

ONE LAST STEP (A Tara Mills Mystery—Book One) is the debut novel in a new FBI mystery series by debut author Sarah Sutton the great-granddaughter of Margaret Sutton

Cover of the Strange LikenessDebut author Sarah Sutton is the great granddaughter of Margaret Sutton and has followed in that tradition with her release of the TARA MILLS mystery series, which includes ONE LAST STEP (Book #1) and ONE LAST BREATH (Book #2). Sarah has always been fascinated by the mystery genre and loves to write suspenseful books with complex characters.

The book is available on all major outlets including Amazon

For more information on the series, go to the author's website at

Literary Legends of the PA Wilds: Margaret Sutton and Judy Bolton

A great article on Potter County author Margaret Sutton was published January 28, 2019 on the Pennsylvania Wilds website!

The Mystery on Judy Lane by Beverly Hatfield — available this fall on Amazon.

UPDATED: Now Available on Amazon

Judy Bolton loves solving mysteries, and this Christmas brings her a new puzzle to solve. She is newly engaged to lawyer Peter Dobbs and wants the perfect present for him. But a mysterious eavesdropper, threatening phone calls and broken windows on Judy Lane convince Judy, Peter, and their families that the danger is real. Judy will need bravery and ingenuity to solve the mystery in time for everyone to have a Merry Christmas. Margaret Sutton was the creator and author of The Judy Bolton Mystery series from 1932 to 1967. With the permission of Margaret Sutton's family, Beverly Hatfield brings us this new Christmas story. Foreword by Margaret Sutton’s daughter, Lindsay Sutton Stroh.

Author Bio Beverly Hatfield is the co-author of the 2012 Judy Bolton Mystery, The Strange Likeness. As a child, she devoured Judy Bolton mysteries and wished Margaret Sutton had written more books set during the time period when Judy was engaged. Ms. Hatfield decided to fill that gap by setting this book between Margaret Sutton's The Name on the Bracelet and The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt. As an adult, Ms. Hatfield visited the towns and homes in Potter County, Pennsylvania where Margaret Sutton lived and used as her inspiration. Ms. Hatfield enjoys the friendship she has with other Judy Bolton fans and is grateful to share Judy’s newest adventure with them. Meet Beverly and get her autograph at Judy Bolton Days 2018 in Pennsylvania!

New: 3 Watercolor Illustrated Cards
By Margaret Sutton
5 X 7 each, suitable for framing

These three color illustrations (1930-31) were done to illustrate the proposed Melissa series, which eventually became the Judy Bolton Mysteries.  Rachel Beebe Sutton, the author, who was raised in Potter County, Pennsylvania, was given a pen name, Margaret Sutton, by the publishers.  The author also changed blonde Melissa into auburn-haired Judy Bolton, and the rest is history!

$3 per set of 3 (5 X 7) cards
Add $2 for shipping and handling (USA & Canada)
Payable to Lindsay Stroh, 953 Courtyard Lane, #41
Orlando, FL 32825
Or PayPal to

Please note that the picture of Peter with the trunk is brighter than shown.

THE STRANGE LIKENESS, #39 in the Judy Bolton series is available!

Cover of the Strange LikenessThe title and some of the plot elements were created by Margaret Sutton before the series was canceled. Based on conversations with Margaret Sutton and her family plus extensive research, coauthors Kate Duvall and Beverly Hatfield were able to create a new mystery for Judy to solve as she pursues a criminal who resembles her husband.

The book is illustrated by Margaret Sutton's daughter, Marjorie Sutton Eckstein, and edited by another daughter, Lindsay Sutton Stroh.  The release of the book was celebrated in Margaret Sutton’s hometown, Coudersport, Pennsylvania, during the annual Judy Bolton Days, October 5-6, 2012. 

The book has been published in paperback ($14.95) by Applewood Books.  A limited number of hardbacks (250 copies) were also available ($24.95).  To order your copies, call Applewood Books at 1-800-277-5312 or visit

Applewood Book SelectionAll 38 Judy Bolton Titles Available from Applewood books!

All 38 of the Judy Bolton Mysteries by Margaret Sutton are now available in paperback from Applewood books. They were laser copied from the first editions of each book, courtesy of the author's family.

Look for them at your favorite bookstore! You can also purchase them on